Smart Gmail, Stupid Gmail !

Aug 2, 2007 6:44 AM

First note: If you don't have basic understanding of Gmail and emails, don't waste your time reading this post.

Here are the problem facts.

  1. I want to check all my emails in my Gmail account.
  2. AUT (Amirkabir University of Technology ) is my university.
  3. "My university's stupid mail service" or "My stupid university's mail service" (both are correct !!) is a mess ! It doesn't support POP3 access to emails, so Gmail's built in mail checker couldn't do anything.
After AN HOUR I managed to build a filter in my AUT mail, so that every incoming mail will be forwarded to my Gmail. (you're not gonna believe the filtering rules they have !!!)
The bad part of problem was solved.

Smart Gmail
in Gmail, I wanted to label my AUT mails (again my university mails) so I could easily recognize the.
There was no obvious filtering rule that makes these forwarded emails special !!!! (sender was the original sender , not my AUT mail).
One of the special things about them is "mailed-by :" in the header section (wich is accessible by clicking on "show details" link in any mail in Gmail (or by clicking "Show Original" button under "reply" menu).

Thats the point.
There is no "" in the body part of my email, but when I filtered mails by having the "" in their body message, I saw my AUT mails.
you see? that's very smart of Google programmers or anybody else whose responsible !
That was easy, after 5 MINUTES I had my forwarded emails labeled, in my Gmail .

That's the difference makes one serv, ease of use.

Of course , I spent 15 minutes to send this post :D and you can send false positive mails to me, but there are other differences I'm not going to tell. :P

Stupid Gmail
I think there is a bug in Gmail that if the "name of the sender of an email" is the same as your "outgoing name" , when you click on "Reply" , the address automatically changes to your address, not the sender address. Understood?